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     Immersed in tranquility and carefully restored to recover the special allure of a classical Majorcan country house, the property dates from the late 17th century and is set in the perfect environment to relish every moment of that special holiday  alone, together or with your friends and family. Treat yourself at our spectacular salt water pool with jacuzzi and relax in our amazing outdoor covered lounge in front of a gorgeous scenery and surrounded by vineyards. Admire the spectacular panorama and breathtaking sunsets at our splendid upper terrace while tasting your favourite drink. Feel the elegant atmosphere while resting in one of our ten spacious, stylish and charming rooms and suites. Our house is open and everything is ready for you to come and enjoy your stay, calm and privacy are guaranteed together with a warm hospitality and a personal service.

Finca Gomera


Gomera is a possession in the district of Llucmajor, Mallorca. It is located in the Marina of Llucmajor. Only 30 kilometres from Palma de Mallorca, this estate makes time stand still among vineyards, holm oaks, olive and carob trees, with views over a Mediterranean paradise. It is 4 kilometres from Cala Pí, 15 kilometres from Sa Ràpita and 20 kilometres from Es Trenc, three places where you can enjoy the turquoise blues characteristic of the south of the island.

An old house from the end of the 17th century gives life to FINCA GOMERA, a natural paradise of 200 hectares, in one of the wildest and less crowded enclaves of the Balearic Islands. With a historical legacy that its walls still preserve despite the subsequent restoration.

During the years of Al-Andalus, the Berber tribe appears in history books as the first settlers of the south of Mallorca. "Los Gomeros" settled around the town of Llucmajor, where two centuries later, at the end of the 17th century, a beautiful stone house was built in the area, between almost 200 hectares of land and a living area of 1600m2. In 1598, Gomera had 400 quartered houses and was confronted with the possessions of s'Àguila, Capocorb, Gomera Vell and son Julià Mut. It had houses and was dedicated to the cultivation of cereals. In 1707 it was dedicated to the vineyard and cultivation of cereals, legumes and hemp. It produced a renowned cheese and was a place for hunting thrushes. The flour mill of Sa Barraca de Gomera belonged to it.

Gomera Vell confronted son Truiols, on the road to Capocorb, son Albertí, son Vidal and son Mut. He had houses and a blood mill. It was dedicated to the cultivation of cereals and sheep and goat farming. In "Gomera Vell", in the place called sa Pleta, there are remains of three talaiots and a wall. At the beginning of the 20th century a silver statue representing Cupid was found. We found a talayot with a circular plan. It forms the site called "Gomera Vell" prehistoric complex.


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Unique suites offering guests the hospitality of a private residence, designed to maintain the special charm of a classic Mallorcan country house.

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