Finca Gomera, The Perfect Place For Your Wedding in Majorca

Finca Gomera  Date: 14-04-2020

Finca Gomera breathes history. This 17th Century farm, which is located at the South of Majorca, has been restored taking care of every single detail in order to preserve the essence of the tradition and the charm of the artisanal. The typical Majorcan stone walls, the high ceilings and rustic furniture match the modern design details to offer a unique, quality experience. If we add the tranquility of the environment, the colors of the vineyards and the fresh air of Majorca, we will find ourselves in the perfect place to celebrate one of the most important moments in a person’s life: the day of your wedding.


A wedding is so much more than just a celebration. A wedding is sharing the previous moments with the people you love, is waking up in the morning to feel nervous about your big day, is the path towards the ceremony, and having the certainty that every detail has been taken care with love and dedication. This is why we invite you to take a full tour of what Finca Gomera has to offer to make your wedding an unforgettable one.


The Arrival, and the previous days of the wedding.


If you come from outside of Majorca, Finca Gomera offers the option of booking the whole place, so that your guests (or some of them) can stay in our hotel, the same as the fiancés and the family members. There is no better way to have everything under control tan being at the place one or two days before the wedding event. But since not everything is work, you can relax in our pool, walk around the farm or go to one of the magnificent beaches and coves that are close to the farm.


Discover our rooms and suites offers. Start visualizing how each space, each spot will give your wedding a special and unique touch to make a fairytale.


Dinner before the big day?


An increasingly common habit is to organize a dinner with friends and family so that the guests get to know each other. It is a great way to create a good atmosphere before your special day. In addition, being practical, it is a way to share certain essential details with those guests who need some specific information. In our restaurant you can find the ideal place to share that moment, while you savor our cuisine specialized in local and high-quality products, accompanied by one of our selection of Spanish and French wines.


The day is today; previous moments of the wedding


If we follow the Spanish tradition, the couple will be apart; each one of them in a separate room, getting ready for the big moment. It is time to open the windows and let the light and the Mediterranean breeze in. Now it is time to take the dress out of its case, make the final touches and welcome the photographer. And it is at this moment that the details, the history that characterizes Finca Gomera, take center stage and offer spectacular corners to capture magical moments in beautiful photographs for the memory of tomorrow.


Imagine a photo with the vineyard colors at the back, or a stone strengthening the shape of the dress you have kept for such an important moment. Imagine your guests showing up, seeing you, and you are expecting them in our suite. Hugs, nerves and smiles on the surface. The time has come, the music has started to play in the background. Everything is ready.


The ceremony is surrounded by amazing landscapes.

Wedding in Finca Gomera


The music keeps on playing, and everyone is waiting for you. One of the benefits of doing your wedding at Finca Gomera is that everything happens at the same amazing place. When you leave your suite, and you go towards your ceremony, and the exterior joins you. The farm and all its history become a curtain that will garnish your step towards one of the most important moments of your life.


The sun starts descending and now it is almost the Golden hour; the one that dyes with golden and warm red colors every landscape, every face, every white color and every detail. It is the perfect time to be outside, to dive in the landscapes that surround Finca Gomera and let them be a part of your wedding. The tale continues.


Appetizer and Photos


The ceremony is over. After hugs and congratulations, it is time for the guests to enjoy a drink and an appetizer. But the newly-weds can take the opportunity to take some photos in one of the many corners that the farm offers to immortalize the day. Do not worry, the guests will be okay, and they will want to see you again. In addition, this is a perfect time share your feelings, to be alone and to enjoy your first married moments. You can walk along the pool or pass through the fields searching for the perfect spot to watch the sunset. The sun begins to fall and know it is finally time to join the party.

wedding gomera

Diner: A toast for the couple


Everyone is sitting down; a waiter comes over and serves you a glass of wine or champagne. The tables are arranges taking into account every single detail: the cutlery, the glasses, and the decoration. The darkness of the night has said goodbye to the sun, and the warm lights that accompany the evening are turned on. The first is served; the one that you had already tasted and that you are sure every guest will enjoy. But in that exact moment someone in one of the tables stands up and proposes a toast to the couple. It is time to continue the evening and let you enjoy such a special moment.


Here we finish our little contribution for you to imagine your wedding at Finca Gomera. A place full of charm, history, which is ideal to feel accompanied and cocooned on such a special day. Whether you come from outside Majorca, or you live within Majorca, Finca Gomers offers the delight of the countryside and the Majorcan landscapes, combined with the indulge of taking into account every single detail.

wedding gomera

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