The Best Cycling Routes, At The South of Majorca

Finca Gomera  Date: 11-04-2020

Variety, pretty landscapes and a nice weather: those are the three aspects that made Majorca become one of the main destinations for cycling lovers. From cycling routes with 1000 meters slopes, to more affordable ones that, practically, do not have any elevation. Hundreds of secondary roads and a common feature: the amazing Mediterranean landscapes. If we add an ideal cycling weather and the natural products the land has to offer, we come to the perfect combination to enjoy from the selection of cycling routes in Majorca we offer below.

In this article we selected 5 routes near Finca Gomera that you can enjoy. Whether you are a mountain lover, or you rather take calm rides with an ocean view, the route will suit you. All routes are perfect for road bikes, and the range can vary from low to high difficulty, for amateur cyclists, but with a certain experience.


5. Santuario de Cura

Distance: 19.38 km – Elevation: 471m – Difficulty: moderate.

santuario de cura

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Let´s start with something easy. This circular route goes from Llucmajor to the Santuario de Cura and comes back passing by the Santuario de Gracia and Randa. These are secondary, calm roads, with plenty of shade spots that will take you towards the main sanctuary, which is located in Randa hill. Once you get to Santuario de Cura, you can make a stop to gain some energy, to visit the sanctuary or to enjoy one of the best views in Majorca.

Santuario de Cura Mallorca

Santuario de Cura


4. Majorca southeast coast

Distance: 76 km – Elevation: 209m – Difficulty: moderate.

Costa suroeste Malorca

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Let´s continue with our cycling routes in the South of Majorca. In this occasion we offer you one of the peculiarities of this area of the island: the wide fields and rural landscapes, which are connected to the Mediterranean Sea. I know mostly after reading this sentence you will probably be thinking that at any place of the island you can appreciate the contrast between the fields and the sea. But there is something unique about the South of Majorca, that comes from its wide beaches of white sand and, at the background, great arid fields full of almond or fig trees, which are the most typically known trees from Majorca.

In this route, we propose you to descend towards the sea. You will start the road cycling along the most distinctive interior landscapes, enjoying the view of the almond trees and the well-known vegetation of the island. When you are nearer the sea, you will find yourself surrounded by pine trees. You will start to feel the sea breeze, and that is the exact moment when you will realize you have reached the second part of the route, which is a perfect time to stop and recharge energy in Sa Rapita or Cala Pi.

One of the latest towns you will see when cycling this route is Campos, which is one of the greatest villages near Llucmajor.

Sa Rapita

Sa Ràpita


3. Ermita de San Salvador

Distance: 87.03 km – Elevation: 1134m – Difficulty: high.

Eremita de San Salvador

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Some cyclists, after years of experience cycling in Majorca routes, say that if you can make it to the top of the Ermita de San Salvador, in Felanitx, without touching the ground with your feet, then you can do every route on the island. The greatest difficulty of this itinerary is the high slope that makes it quite difficult to get to the Ermita at the top. The reward is feeling extremely proud about yourself and getting to appreciate the whole South of Majorca from the top.

Some of the villages at the side of the route are Porreres, Felanitx, Vilafranca de Bonany (known for its melons and watermelons) and Montuïri. Except for the sloping hill towards the Ermita, the resto of the route is not difficult to cycle. So, we recommend to save the strength for the time we achieve the slope of the hill.

Eremita de San Salvador

Sant Salvador


2. Camí de s’aguila

Distance: 28.55 km – Elevation: 117m – Difficulty: low.


Cami de s.aguila

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If you do not have much time, or you just prefer a shorter and easier cycling route, Camí de s’Àguila is one of the best options in the South of Majorca. With a moderate slope, this route allows you to go out for about an hour in the morning or afternoon and to be back for other activities. You will see signs everywhere indicating the path you must follow, which makes it easier to keep going. Most of the routes are secondary, so you won´t see many vehicles.


1. Monasterios de Mallorca

Distance: 108.79 km – Elevation: 1176m – Difficulty: high.

Monasterios de Mallorca

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This is the master route, our favorite route for the cyclists in Majorca: the route of the Monasteries. If you have a great experience on the road bike and what you are looking for is to spend hours on it and make a greater distance, this is your route. The Monasteries route will provide you with a wide variety of landscapes, slopes, paths and spots. This route is an excellent way to get to know this part of the island.

Depending on the season that you want to cycle along the route, you shall remember that Majorca´s temperature can vary within the same day, we advise you not to be on the route between 12:00 and 16:00 hs. But this is a perfect option for doing it early in the morning, starting at 7:00 am, and being back at Finca Gomera before 12:00, which is an ideal moment to relax along the pool, or enjoy some of the dishes our kitchen has to offer, with products that go directly from the field to your table.

Monasterios de Mallorca

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