Yoga Retreat At Finca Gomera

Finca Gomera  Date: 14-04-2020

Finca Gomera is a pond. It is an oasis in the midst of vineyards and Mediterranean vegetation. The history and tradition that distinguish this country house located in the South of Majorca, dyes everything with smells that come from the ground, from the sea breeze and the sun, to provide a unique and unforgettable experience. Here you will feel peace and harmony to achieve a welfare state that will allow you to connect your mind and body at a Yoga retreat in Majorca.


Our luxurious facilities become the ideal space to disconnect yourself from the complexity of the routine, and help you connect with your spirit to achieve a satisfactory tranquility state through a holistic experience. Our vegetarian and vegan catering service with fresh and local products will complete this unique experience in the midst of the magic of the Mediterranean Sea.


Yoga Finca Gomera

The area is devoted to your wellbeing


The space is important. That is why we offer an area free of stress exclusively devoted to yoga practice. A quiet and reserved space to have freedom to listen to the sounds of nature and feel the scents that the earth has to offer. Enjoy your time while you feel the sun slowly descending to get lost in the mountains of Majorca. Observe how the light changes and dyes the spectacular nature that will accompany you in your sessions.

If you are a yoga instructor, you can contact us in Finca Gomera, and we will provide you with information about the possibilities for you to make your yoga retreat at our farm. But, if what you want is to enjoy your time, practicing what you like the most, our facilities are the place you are looking for.


Vegetarian and vegan catering


Local, high quality product. You can accompany your yoga retreat in Majorca, with vegetarian and vegan options from the catering we will provide you during your stay with us. These are quality products, which will delight you with the most characteristic flavors of the Mediterranean. Healthy and tasty cuisine to accompany your moment of peace and well-being.


Enjoy breakfast at our farm full of history and feelings. Unique spaces that offer an exclusive experience at all times. During dinner, you can have a glass of wine from our Spanish and French selection.


Yoga Finca Gomera

Areas to disconnect yourself


Dive into our wonderful pool. In addition to the exclusive areas that are devoted to yoga practice, we have other areas full of charm for you to relax during your stay. Enjoy a relaxing bath in our spectacular pool or feel the peace beneath the shade in some of the areas the farm has.


Finca Gomera´s surroundings are quiet and immersed in the nature, providing an ideal option to go for walks. Or, if you prefer, we are very close to incredible beaches like Cala Pi, for you to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.


A luxury break


Rest in our luxury rooms or suites. We know that sleeping is essential during your yoga retreat, and that is why we offer unique rooms so that the silence of the night helps you disconnect and recharge energy for the next day. In a mixture of traditional and contemporary design, our rooms are decorated taking into account even the last detail so that your nights are cozy and relaxing.


During dawn, you will be able to listen how birds and other nature sounds announce the beginning of a new day. So, ¿why not? Walk out on the balcony to enjoy the first hours of the day and to look at the sun rising.


Yoga Finca Gomera


A dream place


We would not get tired of saying that Finca Gomera is history and charm in the midst of amazing Mediterranean fields. It is the sun that accompanies Majorca for most of the year, and it is the breeze that is felt in the calm sunsets. An oasis in the midst of the island for a spiritual retreat to foster a unique experience and get your mind and body connected while the sun, little by little, hides behind the mountains.

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