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Hikes and Walks in Mallorca

Mallorcan nature is a world of light, sensations and exciting experiences. A multitude of trails and ancestral paths run through humid forests, skirt acrobatic cliffs, or lean out over mysterious mountain streams, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by the curious visitor, observer and nature lover... it's all just a start.

Hiking routes in Llucmajor

Here you can see a summary of all the hiking routes that start from Llucmajor, near our hotel.

Excursion Nº 1: Llucmajor - Camí de Binifi cat - Font des Pèlec - Llucmajor. Duration: 2 h Distance 8,5 km Difficulty: Easy.

Excursion Nº 2: Llucmajor - Camí de Gràcia - Camí Vell de Gràcia - Santuari de Gràcia - Llucmajor. Duration 2 h 20 min 4,6 km Easy, but with an ascent of about 200m in total

Excursion No. 3: Llucmajor - Camí de Son Mendívil - Camí Vell d'Algaida - Camí de Ses Pedreres - Galdent Restaurant - Camí de Galdent - Llucmajor Duration 1 h 45 min 6.7 km Easy, with smooth ascents and descents

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